Little Women #4 – We’re working hard…

We WORKED tonight.

Everyone in the cast was called except for 3 – and we piled it on. We did a bit of choreo for “Five Forever” and learned the majority of the music. The sisters learned “Delighted” while we finished all the chorus work for “Weekly Volcano Press” done.

This is where I get to brag about my cast a little. Not only did they all show up prepared, they were ready to work. Considering that for the last  days we’ve had hotter-than-summer temperatures, everyone was alert and focused even though it was SO HOT outside and our rehearsal space kind of warm.

The ball is officially rolling. I’ll let you all know when the tickets go on sale 🙂


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PR junkie, theatre lover,trivia nerd, music aficionado and all around media addict.

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